Ever wonder why twirling's first national organization was formed? Or how twirling's original national magazine came about? Or how the miss marjorette of America Pageant was born? Fasten your seat belts. Answers to these questions and many others are found in this new book.

HISTORY OF TWIRLING, Answering The Call is a nonstop story mix of twirling history and Hollywood history and how serendipitous happenings contributed to the growth of both.

Historical accuracy wouldn't be complete--even cheated-- if only dates and happenings were listed, and not why and how they came about. World War II and a bunch of dedicated twirling enthusiasts contributed greatly to building a foundation for baton twirling and helped grow twirling to become an important worldwide performing sport and performing art.

You'll get to know many of twirling's top players, the evolution of key friendships, motivation for originating some of twirling's biggest events, and an inside glimpse of one person's quest to provide educational opportunities for twirlers while seeking public recognition for twirlers and twirling.

Historical vignettes, scattered throughout the book, provide some insight as to why things happened, not only when and where.

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