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Few activities provide a more wholesome and worthwhile outlet for the energies of today’s youth than baton twirling. Sanctioned twirling contests are largely responsible for the growth, development, and advancement of twirling as a performance sport, performing art, and beneficial activity. Many of the keen traits found in today’s twirlers can be directly credited to their participation in twirling contests, i.e., physical fitness, good sportsmanship, teamwork, personality projection, ambidexterity, and self-confidence. Baton twirling contests provide a place where baton twirlers can join together in friendly competition and share common interests- while participating in a program for baton boosters and the public to view.



        NBTA-USA’s motto is “winning is participating!” Accept new friendship as you extend your friendship to your fellow competitors. And remember, you are a part of the great HONOR SYSTEM that helps set apart baton twirling from many other sports. It is your responsibility to maintain accurate records and to compete in the proper classification and age divisions.
        NBTA-USA contestants are bound by the following code of honor:

My Pledge – Code of Honor

        In order to substantiate advancement, I pledge responsibility, with the help of my parents and teacher, to accurately record my twirling contest participation, dates, locations, categories, age divisions, placements, and advancement. I agree to take an up-to-date record with me to contests in which I participate, for reference, should there be any questions about my status or eligibility.